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          10-24kV 200A 快速取電套管

          10-24kV 200A Interface quick connect bushing

          • KSTG-A1/200

              10-24kV 200A 快速取電套管安裝在環網柜預留快速接頭單元柜內,連接旁路作業快速插拔頭取電使用,實現不停電作業。產品采用國際先進的后注射絕緣層工藝,電氣性能達到國際領先水平,使用更安全、更可靠。安裝條件不受惡劣環境影響,防凝露、防污穢、免維護。產品應力處理引進國際先進技術,產品結構尺寸小,充分滿足了安裝空間的要求。

            10-24kV 200A Interface quick connect bushing it is installed in the reserved quick connector unit cabinet of the ring main unit, and connects the quick plug-in head for bypass operation to obtain electricity. The product adopts the international advanced post-injection insulating layer technology, the electrical performance has reached the international leading level, and the use is safer and more reliable. The installation conditions are not affected by the harsh environment, anti-condensation, anti-fouling, and maintenance-free. The product stress treatment introduces international advanced technology, and the product structure is small in size, which fully meets the requirements of installation space.