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          35-220KV 接地箱系列
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          Cross bonding link box

          • JDX-J
              Suitable for 35kV-220kV high voltage power cable system, can protect high voltage cable outer sheath insulation from overvoltage damage. Adopt cable sheath protector, the integral structure of the product is simple, reliable sealing, product internal conductor is copper bar connection, shell is welding by stainless steel materials, insulation parts with moistureproof processing, conductor fittings all tin plating, and adopt the bolt pressure welding, installation is simple, easy to disconnect between cable metal protecting laye and protector when preventive test.Protective earthing box can be installed at outdoor running, not affected by all kinds of abnormal climate。
          The core components of this product is cable sheath protector, protector is composed of zinc oxide nonlinear resistance slice. In the normal working state, resistance is high resistance, when the voltage wave invasion, resistance is low resistance. even when large current flows, protection voltage value is limited in the allowable range, so as to effectively protect the cable outer sheath insulation, make it from the damage of overvoltage。